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Sunday: 8 AM - 8 PM

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The Boyd block building that now houses Raymonds store, was originally built by Bill Broughton in 1946 as a welding shop. This was later expanded to a garage. The site was purchased by Alex Raymond and Pat Kidney in 1971. Pat left in 1972 to pursue other interests. Alex Raymond operated a service station and garage until a serious car accident in the 1980's prevented him from further work as a mechanic. In 1984 the garage was converted to a convenience store.
Raymonds Garage
What is now the West side parking lot, used to have a block house that was also originally owned by Broughtons. The house was later purchased by Raymonds, and the building was moved to Lion Street.
Alex passed away in 1997. Raymonds continued to be owned and operated by Alex's sons, Mike and Al.

In 2009, Raymonds celebrated their 25th anniversary as a convenience store and gas station.

Raymonds 25th Anniversary

Al Raymond, Mike Raymond, and Councillor Doug Thompson, Raymonds 25th Anniversary

Raymonds is locally owned and operated.